Powerful features designed to take you from an average scrum master to an extra ordinary scrum master. A Retrospective Tool, that's all Pro. Teams that switch to Reetro run better retrospectives.

How Reetro works

Here’s How Reetro Works.

create remote retrospective board

You will create a retrospective board

A single click and a fully customizable retrospective board is ready for you.

Public or private: You have the power to decide the visibility of your board.

Let them speak fearlessly: Collect feedback annonymously and see the magic of honest feedback.

Mask comments and let your team write more precisely than ever.


You will invite team members with a single click

Invite 1 or 1000 team members without any worries.

Set the roles and empower your team members.

Share users across multiple Teams or Companies.

automatic agile retrospectives
adding comment on retrospective board

You and your team will run retrospectives with ease

A simple way to add, merge & vote cards, set custom colours and sort by using smart filters.

Handy Admin Controls to help you get engagement with your team every single time.

Any format, any control, any feature you want is availble at your finger tips.

Team members have great choices as well and can collaborate in the way they want.


You will ask for feedback anytime, anywhere

Ask, Collect and Reflect on feedback more precisely than ever.

Innovative push notifications will help you increase the team engagment by 150%.

UpToDate: In-app, desktop and email notifications designed to keep your whole team informed.

retrospective feedback
private-public retro boards

You will make your board public/private with a single click

Make your board public and share it with anyone you want.

Blazing fast performance for public boards even with 2000+ concurrent sessions.

Make your board private and run unforgetable retrospectives with your team.

Designed to give you flexibility and total control on what to share and with whom.


You will lock your board anytime you want

You can lock/unlock your boards for feedback

Once a board is locked, no one can see, edit or add comments to it

lock retrospective board
retrospective automation

By using automation, you will run retrospecitves even when you are sleeping

There’s magic in automation, Reetro is designed to make your life easier.

Reetro gives you the power to do it all. All at once and automatically.

A simple way to fully automate the board creation process and sending reminders to team members.


You will get actionable insights that drives success

See the beauty of everything you do through the eyes of data and AI based retrospective analytics.

Monthly reporting built for Project managers, Scrum masters and Product owners.

Make faster, better and smarter decisions based on your data.

retrospective analytics
export retrospective board

You will export your retro with a single click

Export your retrospective data to CSV, TXT, DOCX and PDF formats

Email the data to yourself or to team members.

Easily export and import data to your favourite agile tools like Jira, Confluence, Trello and Azure DevOps


You and your team can give anonymous feedback

Reetro is designed to empower team members.

Take your team collaboration to next level by giving anonymous feedback.

anonymous retrospective feedback


Use Reetro Today And Take Your Retrospectives from Good To Great


Loved by scrum masters at the world's leading companies

Reetro is trusted by the most innovative and influential companies in the world.

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