Realtime Intelligent Boards

Create smart, intelligent and realtime retrospective boards and help everyone in your organisation reach their full potential.

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Frictionless Team Collaboration

Reetro provides insights and engagement tools that will trasform how teams collaborate with each other.

Reetro will not just improve team engagement during retrospectives, it will drive real change across your organization.

Some of our loyal users have increased their sprint productivity by 50%, just by running better retrospectives with Reetro.


Create Polls, Happiness Index or Health Checks

Create a poll with single click or check team happiness index and get real time insights into your team's behaviour.

Our innovative Health Checks and Team Radar's will capture and track key metrices about your team's performance, it's inner working culture and overall team morale.

By using these insights you can drive data driven discussions in your team.

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team management

Multi team setup

Manage 1 team or 100's of teams with Reetro without any problem.

Reetro is highly adaptable and can fit into any organization's structure, Matrix, Horizontal, Flat, Hierarchical, Divisional or Line based structure, Reetro supports them all.

Retrospective Push Notifications

Reetro uses state of the art push notifications interface to collect feedback from team members. It also enables you to run anonymous retrospectives.

Reetro push notifications works seamlessly acorss all the platofrms (Mobile, Web, Desktop)

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export board

Export to CSV, DOCX or PDF formats

Single click export to any format of your choice TXT, CSV, DOCX

You can also email the board to yourself or the whole team.

You can export your retrospcective data and import it into your favourite agile tool like JIRA Core, Confluence, Trello and Azure DevOps.

Configuarble Board Formats

Create unlimited public or private boards.

Reetro offers 100% configurable retrospective boards.

You can choose any format you want (start-stop-continue, Mad-Sad-Glad, Lean Coffee, 4L's etc).

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Make Your Board Public & Share It with Anyone

Just with a single click you can make your board public and share it with anyone.

Once public, anyone with the link can join the board either as guest user or as registered user.

You can make your board private again with another click.

Give Anonymous Feedback

Reetro makes it possible for the team members to speak their mind by giving anonymous feedback.

Scrum Master's can also set board configurations to collect feedback anonymously.

anonymous retrospectives
smart comments

Smart Comment Cards

All the team members can add, edit, delete and set color for comment cards.

Convert a comment into an action item and assign it team member and set status.

Drag and drop comment cards, merge and sort them by votes, date or by author name

Meeting Notes

When you are using Reetro, there is no need to switch back and forth among various apps, such as notes editor.

Reetro offers you a personal meeting notes editor. Create notes, save them automatically and share them with anyone.

retrospective meeting notes
user profile

User Profile

Creat your user profile, get in-app notifications and updates

Get an overview of all the scrum teams, you are member of, check your roles and withdraw from teams whenever you want.

Upload your picture, set status and share your activity.

Retrospective Automation

Reetro let's you automate the full retrospective process

Set automation once and forget about the manual steps of creating a retrospective board, reminding team members and asking them for feedback, Reetro takes care all of this for you.

automatic agile retrospectives
retrospective analytics

Retrospective Analytics

Reetro offers AI based retrospective analytics to help you improve your retrospective process over time.

Reetro uses machine learning algorithms to dig deep into your retrospectives data. It will learn about the unique rhythm of individual teams and provides you suggestions for improvement.

Timebox Your Meeting

Set the timer for yout meeting, board will be automatically locked for the users, once the time is up

You can stop the timer anytime you want.

time boxed retrospectives
lock board

Lock Your Board

Lock board will protect your board from intentional or unintentional changes once the retrospective meeting is up.

Admins have the power to lock/unlock the board anytime

Run Collaborative Retrospectives

Reetro is world's leading retrospective tool for measuring and improving team engagement. In the end, Reetro will let you run collaborative retrospectives in a fun, simple and innovative way.

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Use Reetro Today And Take Your Retrospectives from Good To Great

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