If you want to eliminate all elements of chance or uncertainty when you decide on which retrospective tool to use then choose Reetro. The whole world knows what Reetro can do.

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If you have ever been frustrated by the lack of team engagement during retrospective meetings then Reetro can save you from years of frustration, disappointments and regrets. You can soon manage and run extraordinary meetings, if you let Reetro help you.


There are countless scrum teams with intelligent developers, scrum masters and project managers who are unable to perform their best, often without knowing it. Because they cannot run effective retrospective meetings and are unable to improve their performance.


What about you?

If your organization is not satisfied by the way your team performs, and if you are honest enough with yourself to admit it, you have already taken the first big step to success.


Here's what to do?

For your next three retrospective meetings use Reetro. The answers to the following questions will explain why you need a tool like Reetro and how easily you can do something about getting better.

Q-1: What is so important about my ability to run good retrospectives?

Open feedback and effective communication are the core components of a retrospective meeting which will give you a clear, precise and actionable path to drive long term improvement.

Q-2: What does a "Good Retrospective Meeting" mean?

It means you can pinpoint all the problems in persons, tools, processes and communication. You can make plans and act upon them as a team and iteratively solve those problems.

Q-3: Are there other advantages to be gained by running better retrospectives?

Yes! retrospective meetings are actually "tools of thought". The more you learn about yourself as a team, the better you become.

Q-4: Wouldn't I have to use a fancy and expensive set of tools to run retrospectives?

No, not anymore. You can gain the ability to run awesome retrospectives by using Reetro, you will get amazing results without spending a cent.

Q-5: How do I know if Reetro is the "Best Retrospective Tool" to use?

No one tool is strongest in every aspect, the BEST is the one best suited to individual needs. Reetro surpasses all others in Ease of use, Convenience, Controls, Features, Speed of operation, and an iterative improvement of team performance.

Q-6: How do I know if Reetro will do wonders for my team?

For running effective retrospective meetings you need a tool that is easily operated, that drives a clear, open and meaningful conversation. Reetro is a very compact and lightweight tool, capable of producing desired results.

Q-7: How can I find out more about Reetro?

If you have any questions or need more documentation, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly send you more material about Reetro. Just send an email to us at hello@reetro.io

Q-8: Is Reetro really free?

Yes! 95% of the features are free and will always remain free. This is our guarantee and commitment to you. Reetro is also working on an Enterprise plan with features like SSO.


Spark Your Team's Interest in Retrospectives

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Shortcut To Team Empowerment

Reetro is remote first retrospective tool. It helps you run retrospective meetings with your remote team all over the globe.

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Improve Your Team Efficiency

Reetro is safe, secure and compliant retrospective tool built on the latest security standards. All the data is end-to-end encrypted to give you peace of mind.

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Effective and productive

Reetro will help you to plan, collaborate and track retrospective meetings with ease. Everything in Reetro is designed to give you peace of mind.

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Designed for modern enterprises

Adapt the tool not your needs. Reetro fits in any organizational structure and is easy to configure.


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