Most people do not have the patience to absorb their minds into what they have done and how they can learn from it. To run GREAT retrospectives. You must follow the Da Vinci’s path and this guide will show you how to do it.

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 Da Vinci retrospectives

Did you know?

Five hundred years ago Leonardo Da Vinci made a painitng called Mona Lisa. It is considered as the most famous painting in the world.

It is worth around 2.5 billion US dollars

It is the most studied piece of artwork in the world.

The French emperor NAPOLEON once had Mona Lisa hanging in his bedroom.

Leonardo Da Vinci used more than thirty layers of paint on the Mona Lisa, some of which were thinner than a human hair.

Every year, over 6 million people visit ‘The Louvre Museum, Paris.’ to see the painting of Mona Lisa.

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What Is Da Vinci Retrospective?


Da vinci retrospective is a mindset technique that is based on the Da Vinci's DEEP reflection principals. Leonardo Da Vinci was famous for his ability to observe and reflect.

Everday he would make himself notice something new in every familiar object that he saw. At night, before falling asleep. He looked objectively on the positive and negative sides of his work and tried to learn from his mistakes. Before closing his eyes for sleep, he would make a plan to improve his work next morning

You will learn the same principals used by the Leonardo Da Vinci. And you will learn how to implement those principals to run great retrospectives.

What's Inside?

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Follow The Da Vinci's Path, And Take Your Retrospectives From GOOD to GREAT.

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