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Reetro is a wonderful tool which offers incredible features to help you run online retrospective meetings. Reetro is an innovation leader and no other retrospective tool in this world can match it.

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TeamRetro, in a nutshell, is an overpriced retrospective service. It works well when your requirements are simple - small teams, simple tracking and no need for reporting. At first glance, you’d think that TeamRetro has it all. But if you look a level deeper you will realise that TeamRetro is superficial.

You will just run simple boring retrospectives with TeamRetro and can't improve your team's engagement and performance. There are no real control for admins, no public borad, no automation. It’s team health check solution is mediocre at best, analytics and reporting is limited.

Reetro is a comprehensive all-ine-one online retrospective tool that looks beautiful, feels better, works like magic and is far more encompassing and flexible than TeamRetro. It has satisfied the toughest critics and users alike, and all of this in a free and easy to use package.

Let’s look at the facts

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Ease Of Use

TeamRetro is mimicking the manual retrospective process in the digital form, without giving any consideration to the team engagement.

On the other hand Reetro offers a very innovative digital approach, which boosts the team engagement, discussions and offers a great control in the hands of scrum masters, users feel more empowered and collaborate in a different way then the manual retrospectives.


No Risk Involved

Reetro is free retrospective tools, there is no risk involved, no trial, no fees, no default public boards, no need to delete your boards, and worry about the budgeting.

Signup for Reetro and start using all the features for free. If you need enterprise capabilities then no worries either, soon we will be enterprise ready as well.

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teamreetro alternative unlimited teams

Unlimited Teams, Boards & Users

There is absolutely no limit on how many teams you can create, invite unlimited team members and create unlimited retrospective boards to run your meetings without any worries.

Admin Controls

Do you know the best thing about Reetro? It's the control it offers to the admins, You have various options available at your finger tips. You can mask comments collect feedback, timebox the meeting, lock the board and follow on action items.

teamretro alternative admin controls
public retrospective-board

Public/Private Boards

If you want to run a quarterly or yearly retrospective meeting with your whole company then no worries, just with a single click make your board public and send it to 1000 or 10000 people and they can join your meeting as guest users. You can make your board private at any time.


Reetro boosts the collaboration among remote teams. Reetro offers a platform to the team members where they can collaborate easily. Users can give anonymous feedback and can really speak their mind. They can also upvote the comments from other people, and follow on action items.

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Enterprise Ready

Soon Reetro will be Enterprise ready, It will work everywhere, for everyone and with every kind of organizational structure. Reetro will be able to support hundreds of thousands of users. It will have military grade security, amazing support and most robust set of features.

Analytics & Reporting

Reetro provides monthly reporting and analytics for Project managers, Scrum masters, Product owners and team members. It gives you insights into the performance of your whole team.

We are building an analytics and reporting engine based on AI and deep neural network algotithms, which will dip deep into your data and will provide you insights to take your team performance from Average to Great.

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online retrospective

Scaled Agile Capabilities

Reetro offers the possibility to plan, manage and run retropsectives across multiple departments, organization units and teams.

Drag and drop comment cards, merge and sort them by votes, date or by author name


Reetro will let your retro meetings run smoothly even when you are sleeping, set automation and forget about manual reminders and feedback requests. All will be taken care by Reetro while giving you peace of mind.

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teamreto alternative team health checks

Polls, Team Happiness index & Health Checks

Reetro offers the possibility to create custom polls, you can also ask for team's happiness index. We are also building state of the art Team health check feature.


Reetro is safe, secure and compliant system. We take security very seriously and go above and beyond the minimum security requirements. We also utilise SOC-2 compliant infreastructure.

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on-premises installation teamretro


Reetro will come in two flavoures. 1) Cloud version , 2) On premises installation: Do you want to have all the powers of Reetro on your own infrastructure, then

Awsesome Support

Reetro offer awesome 24/7 support.

Email, Phone, In-app and video support available for you.

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Use Reetro Today And Take Your Retrospectives from Good To Great

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