The versatile retrospective tool for agile teams, collaborate with your team and get better in what you do with a simple, powerful and beautiful tool.

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Every scrum master runs into the same fundamental problems. Prepare for the retrospective meeting, ask for the feedback, track action items, engage unmotivated team members, manage unplanned activities, and avoid distractions.

The good news?

Reetro solves all of them by offering a world class tool at the finger tips of every scrum master in the world. Here's a taste of what our users are saying.

Love this tool! Honestly every remote scrum masters dream [Rana Haram, Scrum Master, Qistas]

Simply awesome tool! So, I accidentally signed up for this tool but I am glad I did. This tool is amazing [Sid, Scrum Master]

Reetro is my personal favorite! It covers all my needs, and you can’t beat the price [Lisa House, Program Manager, SkyWatch]

Fantastic Tool with wonderful features! This tool is amazing! You have done a great job building this tool. It made our retro so productive and streamlined! [Michael, Archmi]



Are you looking for a retrospective tool? Which is 100% free, secure and makes it easier to plan, manage and execute retrospectives. Then Reetro is the tool you will finally decide on. Reetro makes it easier for the remote teams to engage, innovate and collaborate during retrospectives.

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It’s time to rethink how you do retrospectives.

Free retrospective tool

Fun, Easy & 100% Free

Increase your team’s engagement by 195%.

Take your retrospectives from Good to Great without driving yourself crazy.

Save yourself endless amounts of time: Before-retrospective-meeting, During-retrospective-meeting & After-retrospective-meeting.

Reetro is 100% free online retrospective tool, there’s nothing to loose and a lot to gain.


Safe, Secure & Compliant

Data Encryption: Your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, both over the wire and at rest.

Compliance: We follow the SOC2 & GDPR compliance to provide you peace of mind.

Secure Infrastructure: We utilize secure datacenters and SOC2-certified infrastructure.

High Availability: Run your retrospectives uninterrupted with guaranteed 99.9% uptime and SLA.

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Plan, Track & Collaborate

Instantly Plan your retrospective meetings in a matter of minutes.

Get your team to collaborate, long before they get bored.

Get deep insights into your team's behaviour with Team health checks, Polls & Happiness index.

Get actionable insights about your retrospectives process.


Adapt, Configure & Customize

Online retrospective tool you can adapt to your needs.

A retrospective tool that can integrate with your existing workflow(JIRA, Trello, Confluence, Azure DevOps & Slack).

Create your own or use the default templates

Use customizations and turn yourself into a superhero.

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The Most Popular Retrospective Tool In The World!


After every Sprint, use Reetro, its amazing and works like a charm, if you don’t believe us try it yourself. Reetro is the most popular retrospective tool in the world for three reasons.

Better Interactions: The one thing that separates the great agile teams from average one's is tiny interactions, whether it's retrospectives, sprint planning, daily standup, or day to day interactions, you'll find there's an elegant system in place for them. It's a system that gives them tools and tactics to interact with each other, to speak their mind, let them take responsibility, understand their own behaviour and drive change. Reetro is the tool, which will offer you this possibility.

More Organized: Reetro is built on a system. It's not random. It will help your entire team to be organized while planning, managing or participating in retrospective meetings.

Easy Integrations: It isn't some magic trick. Reetro offers a simple way to Integrate with your existing tools so you can focus on what matters the most and get more done.


Who Are We?


Reetro is built in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a team of software developers, scrum masters and digital marketers. Our mission is to create the finest retrospective tool in the world, with agile teams using it for the decades to come.

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Reetro Is 100% Free Retrospective Tool!

A tool that excels, A tool that outperforms competition

Create Unlimited Teams

Create Unlimited Boards

Invite Unlimited Users

Integrate with JIRA & Confluence

Export to CSV, TXT, DOCX

Unlimited Polls & Health Checks

End-To-End Data Encryption

High Availability (99.9%)

Unlimited Updates

24/7 Email Support

reetro guarantee

Scrum Masters + Reetro = A Perfect Match


Here is the "Retrospective tool" every scrum master has been waiting for. A platform that adapts to your needs, integrates with your existing tools and offers the perfect collaboration experience.

Here is a quick overview of reetro features

Create unlimited retro teams

Create unlimited retrospective boards

Invite unlimited team members

Make your board public or private with a single click

Share your public board with anyone and people can use it as guest users

Ability to collect feedback anonymously

Mask comments to increase engagement

Users can give anonymous feedback

Timebox your retrospective meetings with timer

Automate the board creation process

Export your board to CSV, TXT, DOCX or PDF formats

Email your retrospective board to yourself or team members

Export your board in JIRA, Confluence, Trello or Azure DevOps formats

Create and manage retrospective polls

Ask for team happiness index

Crate health checks to get insights into your team's behaviour

Add, delete, vote or custom colour your comment cards

Filter your cards based on votes, author or creation date

Assign, track and follow action items using Action Tracker

Take meeting notes by using smart notes editor

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Use Reetro Today And Take Your Retrospectives from Good To Great


Loved by scrum masters at the world's leading companies

Popularity of Reetro, the No. 1 retrospective tool in the world is unquestioned

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