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100% satisfaction guarantee. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Unlimited Users and Boards.
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Forever free

Create & manage unlimited teams

Create Unlimited Free Teams

Create & manage unlimited public or private boards

Create Unlimited Boards

Invite unlimited registered or guest users

Invite Unlimited Users

Single click export

Export to JIRA, Confluence, Trello & Azure

Single click export

Export to CSV, TXT, DOCX

Create interactive retro polls, health checks and happiness index

Limited Polls & Health Checks

Reetro offers full data encryption.

End-To-End Data Encryption

Reetro has 99.9% uptime in last 2 years.

High Availability (99.9%)

Limited new Reetro features.

Limited Updates

Limited email support with 6 hours response time.

Limited Email Support

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SSO integrations with OKTA, Azure AD, Onelogin, Gsuite

SSO integrations with OKTA, Azure AD, Onelogin, Gsuite

API integrations with JIRA, Azure and confluence

API integrations with JIRA, Azure boards, Confluence

Enable/disable features at global level

Global configurations

Acces to penTest, security and compliance documents

Monthly penTest & security reports

Configurable polls, happiness index and team health checks

Advanced polls & health checks

Admin audit logs.

Audit logs

Enterprise grade scurity

Enhanced security & data management

Faster better and personal support

Email, live chat and phone support

Manage 5 different company mailboxes in one place.

Define custom board format

Manage 5 different company mailboxes in one place.

On demand training

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Contact sales

Depends on total users


Reetro with enterprise security

Enterprise-grade security & governance

AI based advanced reporting.

Advanced reporting & analytics

Coming soon.

On-premises installation

Custom onboarding & training.

Tailored onboarding

Data security and management.

Data, security & backup management

Dedicated Reetro key account manager.

Dedicated account manager

Tailored made contract & pricing.

Custom contract

All new features.

Unlimited Updates

Premium support

24/7 Email, Phone & chat support

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Single Sign On


One Login  

Microsoft Azure AD  


Teams & Users

Unlimited Free Teams  

Unlimited Users  

Role Based Access(Super Admin, Admin, user & guest user)  

Invite users by email  

Invite users by link  

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable 2FA  


Unlimited private Boards  

Unlimited Public Boards  

Board Columns  

4 columns

6 columns

6 columns

Set card colors  

Meeting Notes editor   

Tag users  coming soon

Retrospective Timer  

Lock board  

Board/Team Activity feed  

Add GIF  


Give Anonymous feedback  

Filter cards by likes  

Filter cards by colors  

Comment on a comment cards   

Group cards by drag & drop  

Bookmark cards  

Set vote limit   

Activity Logs   

Mask comments  

Phased board layout   

Card Edit History   

Collect feedback anonymously  

Filter cards by author  

Multi voting  

Disable GIF  

Enable/Disable upvote

Link Cards  coming soon

Reset votes  

Export card to JIRA  

Export card to Azure  

Unmask cards by users  

Move card across boards  

Create Custom Board Formats   

Combine multiple boards on a single view   

Clone board  

Convert comment to poll  

Admin users  

Single Admin user per team

Multiple Admin users per team

Multiple Admin users per team

Action Tracker

Action Tracker view  

Create unlimited action items  

Move action items across boards  

Export Action Items   

Assign action items  

Filter action items  

Create custom status filters  coming soon

Watch & Follow Action items  coming soon

Create Jira issue from an action item  


Jira Integration  

Export to JIRA

JIRA API integration + Export to JIRA

JIRA API integration + Export to JIRA

Trello Integration  

Export to Trello

Export to Trello

Export to Trello

Confluence Integration  

Export to Confluence

Export to Confluence + API integration

Export to Confluence + API integration

Micrsosft Azure integration  

Export to Micrsosft Azure

API integration + Export Micrsosft Azure

API integration + Export Micrsosft Azure

Slack Integration  coming soon

Send meeting notifications to slack channel

Send meeting notifications to slack channel

Microsoft Teams Integration  coming soon

Send meeting notifications to teams

Send meeting notifications to teams

Analytics & Reporting


Retrospective Summary   coming soon

Team Reporting  coming soon

Comparative reporting  coming soon

Monthly Reporting  coming soon.





Email to team  

Email to me  

PDF  coming soon


Full automation  

Send auto meeting invites to team members  coming soon

Polls & Health Checks

Team health checks  

1 health check per team

Unlimited, advanced & customizable team health checks

Unlimited, advanced & customizable team health checks


Basic polls functionality

Customizable polls functionality

Customizable polls functionality

Happiness index  

Non editable

Advanced editable

Advanced editable

Security, Data & Backups

End-2-End Encryption  

Monthly PenTest & Security Audit Reprots  


Backups management  

Set data retention, deletion  

Audit Logs  

Session Management  coming soon.

99% uptime SLA  

Notifications Interface

In-app notifications  coming soon

Email Notifications  


Self service knowledge base  

24/7 Email support  

7 hours response time

60 mins response time

20 mins response time

Dedicated Account Manager  

Live chat support  

Phone support  

Video support sessions  

Tailored onboarding  

User Profile

Upload picture  Coming soon

Unified overview of team memberships  

Notification settings  

Switch between teams/companies  

Update company name  


On-premises installation  

New Features

Access to new features without any extra cost  

Not all new feaures


Commonly asked questions

Yes, if you are a consulting organization or individual where a single person/s creates multiple teams with client users then we have a special pricing plan for you. Please contact us at and we will provide you further details.

Enterprise plan is targeted towards organizations with extra requirements for audit, logging and security. For enterprise plan pricing is based on per user base instead of per team. The price per user depends on the total number of users, contact us at if you have any questions.

Yes. We offer special discounts for universities & non-profits.

You can use your credit card to pay for any plan. We are using Stripe to handel payments and subscriptions

Your account email will be notified after each failed payment. Payments may be retried up to 4 times within the next month. After this, if the payment did not succeed, you will be downgraded to the free plan.

If you cancel your subscription then your account will be downgraded to free plan.

Reetro is built on solid foundations, we follow the latest security & SOC2 standards and our application is hosted on SOC2 compliant cloud infrastructure. We are also GDPR compliant and run regular security and compliance audits with monthly penetration tests. Contact us at and we can send you a 30-page Reetro overview document

There is no limit on the number of users both for free and paid teams.

Signup as free user and then from the app go to "Billing" and choose the plan you wish to subscribe.

If you have already paid for any other tool, but want to switch to Reetro then contact us at we have a special offer for you.

If you have more questions then contact us at

reetro copenhagen

What, if, else, why, then?


One way to overcome your doubts and uncertainty about which Reetro plan to choose is to ask yourself.

What will happen? If I am able to remove all elements of friction and resentment among my team members and give them the most extra ordinary retrospective experience in the world?

- Will they perform better?

- Will it help them to get unstuck and solve their own problems?

- Will it help them to transform from an average team to an extra ordinary team?

If your answer is YES! then choose Reetro with its full power, potential and features.

Safe, Secure & Compliant

Run your retrospectives under Enterprise-grade security

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee,there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Best in Class

Reetro is the finest retrospective tool in the world

Priority Support

Faster, better and awesome support 24/7

Fully customizable

Highly customizable and easy to use tool

App integration

Integrations with SSO, Jira, Azure, Confluence & Trello






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