The versatile retrospective tool for agile teams, collaborate with your team and get better in what you do with a simple, powerful and beautiful tool.

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Every scrum master runs into the same fundamental problems. Prepare for the retrospective meeting, ask for the feedback, track action items, engage unmotivated team members, manage unplanned activities, and avoid distractions.

The good news? Reetro solves all of them.

Thousands of scrum teams rely on Reetro to run their retrospectives. Why? It helps them to understand the real cause of their frustrations. It enables them to reflect on them and most importantly, it gives them the knowledge to run their retrospectives with a correct mindset.

A whopping 87% increase in team engagement during retrospectives.

71% teams run retrospectives more regularly since switching to Reetro.

96% action items completion ratio, after teams start tracking them using Reetro.



Are you looking for a retrospective tool? Which is 100% free, secure and makes it easier to plan, manage and execute retrospectives.

Then Reetro is the perfect fit for you. Reetro is an online agile retrospective tool. Reetro is 100% free and makes it easier for the teams to engage, innovate and collaborate during retrospectives.


"Reetro is my personal favorite. It covers all my needs, and you can’t beat the price"

Lisa House, Technical Program Manager at SkyWatch

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It’s time to rethink how you do retrospectives.

Free retrospective tool

Fun, Easy & 100% Free

Reetro is the best remote retrospective tool in the world.

It make's the retrospective process fun and easy.

And the best thing, its 100% free.


Next level team collaboration

Take your team collaboration to the next level by using Reetro.

Create Public or Private boards.

Set smart reminders.

Get actionable insights to increase your team collaboration.

retrospective board collaboration
retrospective analytics

Retrospective analytics

Get actionable insights about your retrospectives.

Reetro uses AI and Machine learning algorithms to dig deep into retrospective data.

Reetro enables you to make informed decisions about the improvement of the retrospective process.


Retrospective Automation

Reetro seamlessly automates the retrospective process.

Set it once and your retrospective board will be created automatically.

Reetro integrates with your favorite SCRUM tools (JIRA, Trello, Yodiz, Asana)

retrospective integrations

What Makes Reetro Different?

What is in Reetro, that is not in the other tools?

Reetro is the most powerful, fun and flexible retrospective tool in the world. Reetro is created after a deep understanding of the problems an agile team face's when running retrospectives.


Automation that drives adoption

Seamlessly automates the full retrospective process


Collaboration that drives trust

Simple but powerful way to collaborate by using push notifications.


Insights that drives success

AI based retrospective analytics to help you improve over time.

Who Are We?

We are a team of experienced software developers and SCRUM masters. Our head quarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. And our development center is in Helsinki, Finland.

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Reetro is Free

Join Reetro today, and take your retrospectives from Good to Great

Unlimited projects

Unlimited boards

Unlimited team members

100% retro automation

Unlimited updates

24/7 support

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Scrum Masters + Reetro = A Perfect Match

Quick Features Overview

Create unlimited customizable boards

Create unlimited projects

Manage all your retros in an easy-to-use dashboard

Invite unlimited team members

Automate board creation process

Automatic feedback collection via push notifications

Ability to give anonymous feedback

Export your boards to PDF, CSV format

Add, delete, vote or custom color your comment cards

Features we are currently developing for you

AI based retrospective analytics

Live meeting notes editor

Create and manage retro polls

Submit audio/video response as comments

JIRA integration [Create issues in JIRA from comments]

Run retros in Slack using our plugin

Run retros in Confluence using our plugin

Trello integration

Asana integration

Yodiz integration

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Use Reetro Today And Take Your Retrospectives from Good To Great


Loved by scrum masters at the world's leading companies

Reetro is trusted by the most innovative and influential companies in the world.

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