Are you wasting countless hours to manage retrospectives?

On average a team spends seven hours on doing a retrospective in a three-week sprint. And research shows that sixty-one percent of those hours are actually spent on collecting feedback and manually handling the retrospective process.

Do you really understand the hidden costs of manual processes and bad communication?

A team of researchers interviewed over two-hundred participants about giving feedback during retrospectives and found out that most of the time at least fifty-percent people in the groups are not able to speak their mind. Following were the main reason's described by the participants.

- They don't want to blame a specific person.

- They don't want to give negative feedback every time.

- They are afraid of being perceived as a negative person.

Introducing the Reetro

Reetro makes it easier to gather feedback by using push notifications. All the feedback is collected anonymously and automatically at the end of each sprint. Feedback items then get assigned to respective columns on the retrospective board.


Reetro ensures that you maintain high team morale by making team collaboration opportunities effortless and fun.


Reetro integrates with your favorite SCRUM tools (JIRA, Trello, Yodiz, Planbox, Asana, and Assembla).

Reetro fetches the sprint end dates and initiates the feedback process on the last sprint day.

Reetro also gets the team participants info from these tools automatically, and send them the feedback push notifications.

Reetro offers the possibility to run as a stand-alone tool.


Reetro sends an automatic push notification to each participant in the SCRUM team.

Each team member needs to answer three questions. (Good, Bad, Action items)

Retro collects the feedback anonymously, So the team members can speak their mind while giving the input.

Feedback from all the participants is mapped to the respective columns on the retrospective board.

DOT Voting

All the participants can give a vote to each item on the board.

Items with the most votes automatically move to the top.

Admins can still approve or reject items on the board

Items with low votes are archived for the data analysis and will be visible to the admin.

Machine Learning

Reetro uses machine learning algorithms to dig deep into each retrospective data and provide you with meaningful statistics.

You can use the analytics data to see the typical behavior among your team members.

Reetro enables you to make informed decisions about the improvement of the retrospective process.

Who Are We?

We are a team of experienced software developers and SCRUM masters from Copenhagen, Denmark.


Pricing Table

Following is our expected pricing plan, Once we go live after beta.

Free Plan


Per Month
  • Reetro is Free for up to 3 teams, Integrations with JIRA, Trello, Yodiz, Assana.
Enterprise Plan

$ 3.99

Per User/ Per Month
  • Unlimited teams, Unlimited Boards Integrations with JIRA, Trello, Yodiz, Assana. Possibility to get integrations of your own tools. 24/7 Priority Support

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Retrospectives are the most frustrating, annoying, expensive, and the time-consuming part about Agile development.

Reetro will help your team to engage innovatively and transparently. Retro uses the state of the art feedback collection mechanism and makes it easier to collaborate.

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